The NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022: Clouds in a Changing Climate (15 Jan – 15 Feb 2022) asked citizen scientists around the world to submit cloud observations through The GLOBE Program. Citizen scientists can submit observations through the program’s GLOBE Observer app. Volunteers could even participate from home by cloud types in sky photographs taken by GLOBE participants through the NASA GLOBE CLOUD GAZE project on the Zooniverse online platform. A goal was set to reach 20,000 satellite matches during the month-long challenge, but we exceeded our goal by making over 40,000 satellite matches. Five subject matter experts from NASA, NOAA, and GLOBE participated by making videos shared on social media about the importance of clouds and our climate. Three activity videos were also developed by GLOBE students and teachers and shared through social media. One of these three videos includes the international and inter-generational video produced by The GLOBE student vloggers.

Citizen scientists are encouraged to keep making cloud and sky observations beyond the timeframe of the challenge. New volunteers can get started by downloading the GLOBE Observer app and reviewing the GLOBE Clouds Getting Started materials.

Totals from NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022 (15 January to 15 February 2022)

  • 42,700+ GLOBE Cloud observations from 89 countries on all 7 continents (yes, that includes Antarctica)
  • 3x the number of observations typically submitted and 2,000+ new GLOBE Observer accounts
  • 321,100+ classification on CLOUD GAZE made by 7,000+ volunteers with 1,000+ first-time Zooniverse volunteers
  • 108,000+ new sky photographs
  • 49,450+ satellite matches
  • 2.9+ million people reached on social media

Partners also helped promote the challenge through social media or by hosting webinars. These events included: