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August 25th, 2022|

NESEC Highlights as reported to the NASA Science Mission Directorate

NASA GLOBE Clouds Challenge 2022: Clouds in a Changing Climate

February 15th, 2022|

The NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022: Clouds in a Changing Climate (15 Jan - 15 Feb 2022) asked citizen scientists around the world to submit cloud observations through The GLOBE Program. Citizen scientists can submit observations through the program’s GLOBE Observer app. Volunteers could even participate from home by cloud [...]

Delta Junction, Alaska students Meet the Scientist, Dr. Rusty Low

February 3rd, 2022|

“Does climate affect how a mosquito acts?” “If a mosquito from one zone is moved to another, will the eggs adapt?” “Would a mosquito from Puerto Rico last in Alaska?” “Why didn’t mosquitoes go extinct with the dinosaurs?” Students from Delta Junction, Alaska, had many insightful questions to ask [...]

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