Project Description

The 2021 Earth System Explorers virtual internship connected 96 high school interns with the exciting science of applying NASA Earth observations to the global health threat of mosquito vector-borne diseases. The project engaged participants in 120 to 150 hours of research and an opportunity to work closely with NASA SME mentors. Spread over 8 weeks @ approximately 15 hrs/week this flexible internship accommodated summer jobs and family responsibilities. Participants experienced field research, using remotely sensed data, computer science, and data analysis while contributing to the scientific understanding of mosquito ecology, human health, and land cover classification. Interns accessed and analyzed data using online tools such as the GLOBE Advanced Data Access Tool, Collect Earth Online, AppEARS, NASA Worldview, Climate Engine, Google Earth Engine, and ArcGIS Online. Data products and research outcomes resulting from the Earth System Explorers team will be the basis of a co-authored peer-reviewed research paper, an individual or team poster submission to AGU Bright STaRS, and student research projects submitted to the 2022 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS). The SEES Earth System Explorers internship is led by the NASA Earth Science Education Collaboration in collaboration with the University of Texas Space Grant SEES Internship.